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The Mighty Earth

Earth (Prithvi) is the only liveable planet among the eight planets of our solar system, being the third one from the eternal Source of Energy- The Sun.

Being the fifth largest planet, it is also known as the ‘Ocean Planet’ as 70% of its area is covered with water. The life form on the planet is confined to the remaining 30% amounting to an area of 148.9 million km2 which is currently sustaining the human population of 7.7 billion and an approximate of 11.3 million species of flora & fauna.

As the Earth’s population continues to grow at a much faster rate than it could sustain, the pressure is immensely being falling upon the biodiversity of the Earth depleting it at a much faster rate than the nature can replenish itself. The growing needs and desires of the human population is being met up by compromising upon the forest areas across the World, large scale deforestation which in turn results in the habitat lost and wipe out of a major portion of the faunal diversity from the face of the Earth. The current rate of species destruction is proving to be alarming for the Environment, for us and for our future Generations to come.

As Sir Nelson Mandela has famously quoted, “Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World”, we wish to educate, raise awareness and influence people towards conserving, protecting and promoting Green and healthy environment, urging them to opt for smart and sustainable choices of their resource usage reducing their over exploitation and wastage which, in the long run, would help in sustaining the various life forms and can effectively improve the health of our ailing planet.

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